First Nations Partnerships

A young woman with a tree planting shovel and bag filled with seedlings stands atop a mountain overlooking a misty forest river valley

Brinkman is dedicated to looking at forest management in a holistic way, utilizing ecosystem based management techniques to integrate the multiple values that the forest ecosystem provides for people and the environment.

In western Canada, our subsidiary Brinkman Forest Ltd provides comprehensive resource management services with a focus on sustainable forest management for both timber and non-timber forest products.  Since its formation in 2005, the company has focused on providing these services to First Nation communities in northwestern and coastal British Columbia. It manages over one million hectares of forestland.

Brinkman Forest services include:

The provision of resource management services to First Nation communities grew from Brinkman’s history of working with communities to develop capacity for forest based employment and economic opportunity.  In addition to forest management, the company has been invited to explore a variety of opportunities which will further the economic development goals of the communities.  While some projects may be several years in development, others have provided immediate employment and economic opportunity.

In addition to the main office in New Westminster, Brinkman Forest operates an office in Terrace, BC, where it provides services to Coast Tsimshian Resources (Lax Kw’alaams band), Haisla Forestry, and Gitxsan Forest Enterprises.  With business development experts, foresters, technicians and field teams, Brinkman Forest is able to provide a wealth of expertise in sustainable forest management and economic development.


Internationally, Brinkman provides our forest management services through Brinkman Restoration and BARCA.For an overview of our full organization, please visit

Brinkman's vision is to be known as
the best in forest ecosystem renewal, worldwide.

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